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This page and the application referred to below are only for employment opportunities.  This does not provide you a business opportunity.

At this time, we are currently accepting applications on our secure serverfor the following employment positions.  Please note that if you don't meet the minimum requirements, you are still welcome to apply.  If we don't find a candidate with the minimum requirements, we will consider other applicants.

To be considered for telecommuting positions, you must have your own computer with Internet access and printer, and be willing to pay for long-distance calls, minimal postage and ink as needed unless otherwise noted below.  An allowance for necessary supplies is available.

To be formally considered for employment, you must complete an application.  Resumes submitted by themselves will not be formally considered.  If you wish to submit a resume, you may do so here before submitting your application.  Please send it in ASCII text format or Rich text Format.

Software Developer
Duties: Create new software programs, update existing programs, create bug patches. Submit for consideration of publishing. telecommuting possible. Flexible schedule. Self-employment possible.  You can click here before submitting your application to submit previous freelance work.
Requirements: Software development program(s) in any platform and any operating system.
Salary: Commission only.

Telephone Sales Representative
Duties: Contact businesses over the telephone, sell products and/or services. telecommuting possible. Flexible schedule. Self-employment possible.
Requirements: Flat-fee long distance carrier. (i.e., no pay-per-minute, pay-per-6-seconds, or pay-per-call plans.)
Salary: Commission only. No direct compensation for long-distance telephone calls.

Duties: Marketing to new potential customers. Notifying current customers of new products and updates to web site and business.  telecommuting possible.  Flexible schedule.
Requirements: None.
Salary: $12.50/hr.

Customer Service Representative
Duties: Handle customer communications. Respond to customers' complaints, comments and requests by e-mail and telephone.  telecommuting possible.  Flexible schedule.
Requirements: Bilingual abilities and experience preferred but not required.
Salary: $10.50/hr. 

Data entry
Duties: Post data to web site and internal database.  Proofread input.  telecommuting possible.  Flexible schedule.
Requirements: Able to type 30 words per minute.  experience with Front Page, excel, Word, Access and outlook preferred.
Salary:  $10.50/hr. 

Delivery Driver
Duties: Deliver products to customers in their homes and businesses.  travel will consist mostly of driving in the Columbia River Gorge.
Requirements: Valid driver's license, proof of valid insurance.  Must have your own vehicle.
Salary: $10.50/hr and $0.40 per mile plus any tips.

Shipping Clerk
Duties: Verify customers' orders.  Add labels to packaging.  Deliver shipped goods to post office regularly.
Requirements: Valid driver's license, proof of valid insurance.  Must have your own vehicle.
Salary:  $11.50/hr and $0.40 per mile.

Truck Driver - Part Time
Duties: Assist in long-distance operation of a large truck in the states of Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho, including unimproved road travel; interact with english- and Spanish-speaking customers, including communicating to large crowds of people.  CDL and passport are not required.  overnight and weekend travel is required.  Automotive mechanics knowledge is required.  Must provide your own lodging; financial assistance for lodging may be possible.
Requirements: Valid driver's license, proof of valid insurance.  Must have your own vehicle.  Automotive mechanics knowledge is preferred, but not required.
Salary:  $1,500 per working week.  Number of working weeks per year is unknown, but is expected to be at least 30.

Inventory Control Clerk
Duties: Monitor and adjust current inventory as needed.  Verify received inventory.
Requirements: None.
Salary: $12.00/hr. 

Human Resources Coordinator
Duties: Cold-contact (by phone, e-mail or other communication) potential employees, recruiting well-qualified candidates.
Requirements: Spanish and experience preferred but not required.
Salary: $14.00/hr.

On-Site Security Coordinator
Duties: Supervise and manage security and safety for 200+ people; maintain control of secure environments.
Requirements: Candidate must appear in person near Portland, Oregon. Applicants cannot telecommute. Experience with firearm or service weapon preferred.
Salary: $14.00/hr

Charity Fundraising Coordinator
Duties: Brief one-time contact with businesses to request consent for fundraising on site. Miscellaneous simple maintenance and errands. Some data entry required.
Requirements: 10-key by touch preferred. Sales experience preferred.
Salary: $11.50/hr. 

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